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Get now a 15% discount on all frosted transparent printing products. Enter the coupon code frosted15 during the ordering process. The offer is valid till 21 st October so better hurry up to benefit from the discount !


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Everyday we get a lot of requests. One of those of today, because of being particularly nice, deserves citation: tt-twitter-big4 Dear team, I just saw on your website that you charge 300 euros for 500 semi-transparent business cards… From a Rhenish media agency however I got a quote which beats your service theoretically! Nevertheless I’d like to give you the chance to acquire me as customer. This would be my proposal: If you reduce the price for me to 200 euros, I’ll order the 500 business cards at yours. Thank you in advance for your feedback. Best regards. 300 euros??? We wondered where on earth this customer could have read such a horrendous price. Surely not on our website. Therefore we sent him the following reply: Dear XY, Thank you for your request. We just can’t imagine where you might have read a price of 300 euros for 500 semi-transparent business cards. For 500 semi-transparent business cards we charge 120 euros plus 20 euros shipping. However, feel free to pay 200 euros 😉 Best regards And then his reply, highlight of the day: Now life is meaningful again 🙂 ! Thank you for this information! Best regards Wonderful, when our prices have such an impact 😀

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