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Key tags are a cute and intelligent solution for membership programs. You can take them with you anywhere and e.g. enter the gym or participate in a bonus program at all times having never forgotten your menbership card at home.

Keytag (original size)

Key tag (original size)

Apart from that with a nice design key tags will literally decorate your bunch of keys. With only a mobile number they can even be used als tiny smart business cards. For your inspiration we created little iPhone keytags illustrating the potential of these type of plastic card 🙂

Our standard key tag solution turns a plastic card into a set of 3 key tags, but of course you may also choose custom shapes. Send us you artwork either with same design for all of the 3 key tags of a card or combine 3 different designs. Every single key tag can be personalized individually by barcode, name or numeration. This way by ordering 500 triple key tag cards you receive 1500 individually personalized key tags. An incredibly economic solution for membership programs. Explore the potential of plastic key tags!

BTW our iPhone key tags have been designed by using the iPhone PSD Vector Kit by Smashing Magazine. Thank you, Renee Rist and SM, on behalf of our graphic designer for providing this great tool!

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Everyday we get a lot of requests. One of those of today, because of being particularly nice, deserves citation: tt-twitter-big4 Dear team, I just saw on your website that you charge 300 euros for 500 semi-transparent business cards… From a Rhenish media agency however I got a quote which beats your service theoretically! Nevertheless I’d like to give you the chance to acquire me as customer. This would be my proposal: If you reduce the price for me to 200 euros, I’ll order the 500 business cards at yours. Thank you in advance for your feedback. Best regards. 300 euros??? We wondered where on earth this customer could have read such a horrendous price. Surely not on our website. Therefore we sent him the following reply: Dear XY, Thank you for your request. We just can’t imagine where you might have read a price of 300 euros for 500 semi-transparent business cards. For 500 semi-transparent business cards we charge 120 euros plus 20 euros shipping. However, feel free to pay 200 euros 😉 Best regards And then his reply, highlight of the day: Now life is meaningful again 🙂 ! Thank you for this information! Best regards Wonderful, when our prices have such an impact 😀

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