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Did you know your business card is the most powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal? Think about it, when you hand someone your business card:

  • They’ve been prequalified through other marketing initiatives by arranging the meeting
  • They have definite interest (unless you’re a door to door salesman)
  • You have their undivided attention

Don’t spend the time, the money, and most importantly the effort required to get this chance and deliver a bland, boring, and garbage can ready business card in an effort to save 40 cents!

View Our Top 30 Client Business Card Designs

How To Use Your Business Card As A Deadly Closing Tool

Our clients use their business card as an ice breaker with prospects. By handing them an incredibly impressive business card (like the ones featured above) you really get the clients curiosity going and get them to lower their defenses instantly. The second they hold your plastic business card in their hand:

  • They know you are different than your competition
  • They know you are successful
  • They will remember you

Don’t Make The Same Mistake Your Competition Is Making

Let me tell it like it is, your competition isn’t using our product because they are too cheap to spend the extra 50 cents over their paper business cards. The problem with this logic is they’ve already easily spent $30-$50 through marketing materials, pay per click, space advertising, website design, etc. and are neglecting the most important interaction… The first point of contact!

Don’t sell yourself short John. Arm yourself with the most deadly hunting tool in your marketing arsenal, awell designed plastic business card! 

P.S. While our cards certainly aren’t as cheap as a paper card they also are easily affordable (get an instant quote). We have many clients who are freelancers, photographers, or other sole proprietors successfully dominating their niche using the techniques described above.


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Key tags are a cute and intelligent solution for membership programs. You can take them with you anywhere and e.g. enter the gym or participate in a bonus program at all times having never forgotten your menbership card at home.

Keytag (original size)

Key tag (original size)

Apart from that with a nice design key tags will literally decorate your bunch of keys. With only a mobile number they can even be used als tiny smart business cards. For your inspiration we created little iPhone keytags illustrating the potential of these type of plastic card 🙂

Our standard key tag solution turns a plastic card into a set of 3 key tags, but of course you may also choose custom shapes. Send us you artwork either with same design for all of the 3 key tags of a card or combine 3 different designs. Every single key tag can be personalized individually by barcode, name or numeration. This way by ordering 500 triple key tag cards you receive 1500 individually personalized key tags. An incredibly economic solution for membership programs. Explore the potential of plastic key tags!

BTW our iPhone key tags have been designed by using the iPhone PSD Vector Kit by Smashing Magazine. Thank you, Renee Rist and SM, on behalf of our graphic designer for providing this great tool!

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