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business-cardToday more than ever, your business card represents the image of your company. Often, in fact, this is the first impression that customers receive from your brand, person or company; It is determined whether your counterpart is reminding it or not, and whether this happens in a positive or negative way.
The business card on transparent PVC undoubtedly remains the business card for excellence and remain in the minds of those who come in touch with it.

Today, Bce-online offers you a unique opportunity: Win vouchers with a worth up to € 5,000. All you need to do is to design an innovative and modern layout of your business card on transparent material and share it with us. The winner is selected by our graphic designers and can win a prize of € 5,000 which can be used exclusively in printing products (of course, printed by us Bce-online). But also the second and third place don’t need to hide. Vouchers for printing products in the amount of € 3.000 for the second place and € 2,000 for the third place are waiting for you.

Remember to publish your projects with a hashtag #bceonline and make a share on our Facebook page.
The winner will be elected on 13 th February.

We are looking forward to your suggestions!


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Hi everybody! We are currently looking for an appropriate catchy slogan.
First we were considering using High-Touch Printing Service, i.e. the well-established concept defining the importance of the human interaction in business transactions on the one hand, and counteracting the misuse of automation as a substitute for the ‘human touch’ on the other. Why ‘High-Touch Printing Service’? Because this model defines our approach to customer care, which next to using exclusive transparent materials helps us stand out from the crowd of printers, not to mention the online print shops. Nevertheless, as good as this line might work as a subtitle, it lacks the dynamics of an appealing slogan. Moreover, though an increasingly used term in our field, it might strike our customers as a strange technical jargon – and we don’t want to make it unnecessarily sophisticated, as it should ring a bell as soon as you hear it! This takes us to our second idea, which is focusing on our specialized transparent printing products with a slogan that sounds like: …if you love it the transparent way.

So, what do you think? You can have your say in this ‘decision-making process’. Get inside the online ‘polling booth’ and let us know your opinion on this. You can also pop in with some other new ideas not mentioned here. You might be the fortunate winner of some nice transparent business cards… and, if you like, of a presentation of your card in our showroom with a link attached. We’ll choose the idea we like best from all of your contributes.

The feedback below from our customers on our individuality is to awaken the creative muse of our new visitors, who haven’t got the chance to be ‘touched’ by our service so far:

  • Gosh! What an amazing service! I’m completely astonished and will certainly recommend you to anyone interested!
  • I’ve just received my business cards. They look really great!
  • I’d first like to thank you for the prompt processing and the excellent communication.
  • We are very thankful and appreciative for this level of customer service.
  • Thanks a lot for the information and alike. I can’t stress it enough – such a service and support are quite rare. Keep it up ; )
  • The service and communication were really excellent J
  • It’s now two weeks that we’re using ‘your’ business cards and all of our clients and partners are enthusiastic. On one hand because they’ve never seen such kind of cards and on the other hand because the colors appear so astonishinly brilliant on the transparent substrate. Thank you for your great work!
  • Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it. I must admit that such great customer-oriented service remains unfortunately very seldom.
  • Thank you very much – the cards look fantastic!

So, if you like to have a look at some samples of our customers’ orders, please visit the showroom on our website:


And now let us have your say in the voting section! [Edit: Voting widget deleted after the campaign]

Update: Thank you everybody for voting and all the contributions we got by mail. The slogan we liked best and choose as our new claim is “Competency in Transparency“. So, our special thanks go to Katja Wiemer, who is the happy winner of custom-printed transparent business cards 🙂

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