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If you want to modernize your corporate image bce-online Ltd. is the ideal partner.
We start with the business card because it is the first contact tool delivered into the hands of those we encounter. Its necessary that it represent and transmit a clear and positive image of your personality!
The business card has to be original to remain imprinted in the minds of your counterpart but at the same time needs to contain all necessary informations to get in touch.
In addition to the classic printing options, BCE-ONLINE is able to offer its customers an innovative printing service to personalize your business cards with the following processes:
business cards with details printed in silver, gold and bronze
business cards with shiny details
business cards with embossed details
business cards with glossy zone coating
business cards printed on quality and special paper
transparent business cards
business cards with individual shape
business cards spot varnish

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Christmas is approaching which means it’s time to design wonderful Christmas prints. These are just some of our favourites. Classic: Christmas and New Year greeting cards. Our foldable greeting cards are ideal to use as Christmas cards, as they offer plenty of space for wishes and greetings. Matt or gloss lamination gives them a classy impression. Another great idea for  Christmas greetings is using our folded cards on textured paper; available in white or cream. The nicest way to say thank you.                                                                                                                           Essential for your Christmas Party: Wall light.

applique christmas

Christmas wall lights attract more attention if the wall light has been printed festively. Add some stars,images of St Nicholas, a Christmas tree – this is going to be the highlight on your Christmas party.   The ideal present for the upcoming year : Calendars Whether picture calendars, span-a-year wall calendars, mini calendars or desk pads, you will surely find the right one for you in our wide range. Ready -to-print calendar layouts are available for free download. Our tip: Enclose some business card calendars with your Christmas mail.

Print with style: printing Your personal photo on white coated wood or brilliant Acrylic with your personal design. A snapshot of the last company event, pictures to laugh at or to day-dream about – with individual printing designs giving is even more fun.


Serve festively: with printed table sets. Table sets with cheerful designs bring a smile to every face – not only during the Christmas season. We are sure you’ll have a few more great ideas – or inspire yourself in our shop! The bce-online.com team wish you lots of fun creating your Christmas designs!

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So you want some business card design inspiration? Well here you have 30 creative and beautiful business card designs all on one page. Enjoy this 10mb load!

You can get 10% off printing through our partnership with bce-online.com


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Did you know your business card is the most powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal? Think about it, when you hand someone your business card:

  • They’ve been prequalified through other marketing initiatives by arranging the meeting
  • They have definite interest (unless you’re a door to door salesman)
  • You have their undivided attention

Don’t spend the time, the money, and most importantly the effort required to get this chance and deliver a bland, boring, and garbage can ready business card in an effort to save 40 cents!

View Our Top 30 Client Business Card Designs

How To Use Your Business Card As A Deadly Closing Tool

Our clients use their business card as an ice breaker with prospects. By handing them an incredibly impressive business card (like the ones featured above) you really get the clients curiosity going and get them to lower their defenses instantly. The second they hold your plastic business card in their hand:

  • They know you are different than your competition
  • They know you are successful
  • They will remember you

Don’t Make The Same Mistake Your Competition Is Making

Let me tell it like it is, your competition isn’t using our product because they are too cheap to spend the extra 50 cents over their paper business cards. The problem with this logic is they’ve already easily spent $30-$50 through marketing materials, pay per click, space advertising, website design, etc. and are neglecting the most important interaction… The first point of contact!

Don’t sell yourself short John. Arm yourself with the most deadly hunting tool in your marketing arsenal, awell designed plastic business card! 

P.S. While our cards certainly aren’t as cheap as a paper card they also are easily affordable (get an instant quote). We have many clients who are freelancers, photographers, or other sole proprietors successfully dominating their niche using the techniques described above.

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The corporate image is what starts within your organisation from the owner to the warehouse workers, up to the end customer, who can be reached by the product or the service. Through these channels, the brand must constantly convey his message, to cause an emotional response or simply get the attention from the customer, which can be rewarded with loyalty. Bce-online is offering all his customers the possibilty of the free design and corporate image creation. Our expert team of designers will be available to our customers in order to find the best solution for your products.
Insert following Coupon code to profit from this discount: COORDINATA
Thai offer is valid till 31 st May 2013

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We have been on Twitter and Flickr before, since this year joined Facebook and Google plus as well. Now we have joined the many Pinterest users. But what is really Pinterest and what is it used for?
Its a while now that everyone is talking in the net, about the explosive development of Pinterest.
Pinterest is another social network, a bit like Word Press, a bit like Flickr and Instagram but it seems clear that the high-quality images usually focus on the personal interests of the users. “Pint-interest” is the possibility of labeling images, videos,discussions, gifts or pictures of products to include the social network as an online shop-window.

Also, we  have  put photos of some of our newest and best products in the network and take care to update it regularly. Allows you primarily to be inspired to get new ideas and inspiration for designing your business cards and as you already know from Facebook and Twitter to share them on other networks.
We look forward to your visit! Get inspired ! 

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Since our founding a few years ago we have been able, due to our loyal customers, that our shop is known far beyond the borders of Europe for best quality, detailed and helpful customer service among the usual online print shops.

Therefore, while designing the homepage we set great importance and focus to our customers needs. With an attractive design, and a more manageable homepage, we wanted to direct our customers with just few clicks to their destination .On the home page you will find now immediately special offers and last minute discounts.

But there are some news regarding the prices as well:

All prices are now inclusive shipping costs.
In addition, prices have been reduced on the minimum order quantity on each material! The prices of major order quantities were due the higher weight, and thus the rising shipping costs adjusted accordingly.

Of course, the site is still new and here an there you can certainly find some stumbling blocks or general criticism. Should links be incorrect, or should you have difficulties to find something, you can contact our customer service at all times, we will be happy to help you.

We are hoping for positive feedback and hope you enjoy surfing on our new homepage business cards!

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