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If you want to modernize your corporate image bce-online Ltd. is the ideal partner.
We start with the business card because it is the first contact tool delivered into the hands of those we encounter. Its necessary that it represent and transmit a clear and positive image of your personality!
The business card has to be original to remain imprinted in the minds of your counterpart but at the same time needs to contain all necessary informations to get in touch.
In addition to the classic printing options, BCE-ONLINE is able to offer its customers an innovative printing service to personalize your business cards with the following processes:
business cards with details printed in silver, gold and bronze
business cards with shiny details
business cards with embossed details
business cards with glossy zone coating
business cards printed on quality and special paper
transparent business cards
business cards with individual shape
business cards spot varnish

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Photographer is involved in reportage and story telling photography, travel and portrait too.
The hole calls back the stenopeic photography.

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Business card holder in real leather, PVC cards, desktop display for yourself and others. If you exceed in order, you will also keep an archive of your business cards home for friends and family. In Asia, the exchange of business cards is not only an automatic gesture, as it is in Europe, but also a true ritual, albeit with some regional variations. In the society where social status and decision-making role of a person are fundamental, the exchange of business cards becomes the first source of information to assess a person.


Therefore, it is no wonder that even the rules of the exchange are set in a very precise manner. The card must be delivered with two hands with a slight bow as a sign of respect. The person receiving it, rigorously with two hands, must dwell for a moment on the reading of the card before turning to the other party. At this point the conversation can begin. Ideally, following the advice of Chinese television programs of “bon ton”, the recipient repeats the tittle of the person in front of him in a not shrill voice – once again to show reverence and respect – followed by a classic “hen gao xing jian dao ni ” or “nice to meet you.”


If in China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand this ritual is somewhat similar, apart for the language part, the same cannot be said for Malaysia and Indonesia. Are we talking about cultural differences? No, we are talking about differences in religion. As for Muslims, the left hand is traditionally considered “unclean”, so it goes without saying that it would be extremely rude to extend a business card with two hands. Malays and Indonesians, while conforming to the rite of the Asian trade, only use their right hand. The left hand supports the elbow of the right arm. It is quite curious to note that the non-Muslim population (mostly Chinese) of these countries has adapted this ceremony to show respect for the culture of the interlocutor. And what about English? Those who moved to the east acquired the habits of the place out of respect, due to mere curiosity or conformity. Perhaps, this custom will put down roots in our country as well? 


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Did you know your business card is the most powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal? Think about it, when you hand someone your business card:

  • They’ve been prequalified through other marketing initiatives by arranging the meeting
  • They have definite interest (unless you’re a door to door salesman)
  • You have their undivided attention

Don’t spend the time, the money, and most importantly the effort required to get this chance and deliver a bland, boring, and garbage can ready business card in an effort to save 40 cents!

View Our Top 30 Client Business Card Designs

How To Use Your Business Card As A Deadly Closing Tool

Our clients use their business card as an ice breaker with prospects. By handing them an incredibly impressive business card (like the ones featured above) you really get the clients curiosity going and get them to lower their defenses instantly. The second they hold your plastic business card in their hand:

  • They know you are different than your competition
  • They know you are successful
  • They will remember you

Don’t Make The Same Mistake Your Competition Is Making

Let me tell it like it is, your competition isn’t using our product because they are too cheap to spend the extra 50 cents over their paper business cards. The problem with this logic is they’ve already easily spent $30-$50 through marketing materials, pay per click, space advertising, website design, etc. and are neglecting the most important interaction… The first point of contact!

Don’t sell yourself short John. Arm yourself with the most deadly hunting tool in your marketing arsenal, awell designed plastic business card! 

P.S. While our cards certainly aren’t as cheap as a paper card they also are easily affordable (get an instant quote). We have many clients who are freelancers, photographers, or other sole proprietors successfully dominating their niche using the techniques described above.

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In the 60s the invention of the spirograph initiated a hype: kids all over the world were keen on drawing fancy curves and spirals by means of this toy.

The spirograph consists of a set of plastic disks and rings in various sizes. The edges of all dics and rings have teeth and thus engage with each other like gear wheels.
The discs have little wholes in which a point of a pen has to be placed. While moving the disc the pen draws spirals on the ground, similar to this one, only that the discs have no “crossbeam” and the spirals are drawn inside the circle:


Here is a clever young lady who invented a spirograph business card, cut from acrylic with a laser cutter.
Great idea! The person who receives the business card can tinker about with it and finally design and draw his own spirals. As with time the discs might get lost, we recommend to place the contact data on the frame, just like she did 😉

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Apart from “American Psycho” business card scene this is surely one of the most famous videos about business cards… Enjoy!

“What do YOU guarantee?” – Well, we too guarantee business cards which won’t be thrown out “even f they don’t like you”. And you know what? They cost less than 4 USD a card and it doesn’t take 25 years to design them 😛

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