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business-cardToday more than ever, your business card represents the image of your company. Often, in fact, this is the first impression that customers receive from your brand, person or company; It is determined whether your counterpart is reminding it or not, and whether this happens in a positive or negative way.
The business card on transparent PVC undoubtedly remains the business card for excellence and remain in the minds of those who come in touch with it.

Today, Bce-online offers you a unique opportunity: Win vouchers with a worth up to € 5,000. All you need to do is to design an innovative and modern layout of your business card on transparent material and share it with us. The winner is selected by our graphic designers and can win a prize of € 5,000 which can be used exclusively in printing products (of course, printed by us Bce-online). But also the second and third place don’t need to hide. Vouchers for printing products in the amount of € 3.000 for the second place and € 2,000 for the third place are waiting for you.

Remember to publish your projects with a hashtag #bceonline and make a share on our Facebook page.
The winner will be elected on 13 th February.

We are looking forward to your suggestions!



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Get now a 15% discount on all frosted transparent printing products. Enter the coupon code frosted15 during the ordering process. The offer is valid till 21 st October so better hurry up to benefit from the discount !


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We have been on Twitter and Flickr before, since this year joined Facebook and Google plus as well. Now we have joined the many Pinterest users. But what is really Pinterest and what is it used for?
Its a while now that everyone is talking in the net, about the explosive development of Pinterest.
Pinterest is another social network, a bit like Word Press, a bit like Flickr and Instagram but it seems clear that the high-quality images usually focus on the personal interests of the users. “Pint-interest” is the possibility of labeling images, videos,discussions, gifts or pictures of products to include the social network as an online shop-window.

Also, we  have  put photos of some of our newest and best products in the network and take care to update it regularly. Allows you primarily to be inspired to get new ideas and inspiration for designing your business cards and as you already know from Facebook and Twitter to share them on other networks.
We look forward to your visit! Get inspired ! 

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We just came across another online business card collection, which we think deserves an article on its own:

The title of the collection is “Oh, my God… It even has a watermark!”, obviously named after the famous and fabulous business card scene in American Psycho. For those of you who don’t haven’t seen it yet and for those who can’t get enough of it, watch it in full length on Youtube

The online business card collection http://www.itevenhasawatermark.com is a great inspirational source of uncounted ideas for how to design an outstanding business card (…and for how to present it nicely). With categories for the colors, themes, technique or material of the cards and a section “similar cards” beneath each single portrait. See for yourself. Here are some examples:

Uncle Pear, Agency for Webdesign, Italy

Mixtape Generation, Japan

Chris O’Neil, SassenDesign, Australia

Pao & Lee Design, China

Good Appl.es

Fabien Barral

Valerian Blos

Thielen Designs

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There are some incredible and voluminous business card collections out there in the vastness of the web. Great for inspiration or just for to look and marvel. Here is a selection:

Cool Business Cards Designs (at creativebits.org)
One of the “classical” collections. Recently the bell was sounded for the third round: part 2 und part 3


33 Stunning Business Cards (at Farbwolke.de)
Nice, well-researched collection with a lot of “new” business cards, i.e. not just taken from the other famous galleries.


Businesscards of Bloggers (at brianyerkes.com)
Yes, there ARE bloggers who stick to REAL business cards…


35 Cool and Inspirational Business Card Designs (at crazyleafdesign.com)
Some repetitions, but also some “new” cards.


Art of the Business Card (at dailypoetics.typepad.com)
A very voluminous “classic”, unfortunately a bit laborious to browse.


100 (Really) Creative Business Cards (at webdesignerdepot.com)
A collection of business cards which have been taken from other collections, in all nice, though.


To be continued.

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In the 60s the invention of the spirograph initiated a hype: kids all over the world were keen on drawing fancy curves and spirals by means of this toy.

The spirograph consists of a set of plastic disks and rings in various sizes. The edges of all dics and rings have teeth and thus engage with each other like gear wheels.
The discs have little wholes in which a point of a pen has to be placed. While moving the disc the pen draws spirals on the ground, similar to this one, only that the discs have no “crossbeam” and the spirals are drawn inside the circle:


Here is a clever young lady who invented a spirograph business card, cut from acrylic with a laser cutter.
Great idea! The person who receives the business card can tinker about with it and finally design and draw his own spirals. As with time the discs might get lost, we recommend to place the contact data on the frame, just like she did 😉

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