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Everyday we get a lot of requests. One of those of today, because of being particularly nice, deserves citation: tt-twitter-big4 Dear team, I just saw on your website that you charge 300 euros for 500 semi-transparent business cards… From a Rhenish media agency however I got a quote which beats your service theoretically! Nevertheless I’d like to give you the chance to acquire me as customer. This would be my proposal: If you reduce the price for me to 200 euros, I’ll order the 500 business cards at yours. Thank you in advance for your feedback. Best regards. 300 euros??? We wondered where on earth this customer could have read such a horrendous price. Surely not on our website. Therefore we sent him the following reply: Dear XY, Thank you for your request. We just can’t imagine where you might have read a price of 300 euros for 500 semi-transparent business cards. For 500 semi-transparent business cards we charge 120 euros plus 20 euros shipping. However, feel free to pay 200 euros 😉 Best regards And then his reply, highlight of the day: Now life is meaningful again 🙂 ! Thank you for this information! Best regards Wonderful, when our prices have such an impact 😀


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In the 60s the invention of the spirograph initiated a hype: kids all over the world were keen on drawing fancy curves and spirals by means of this toy.

The spirograph consists of a set of plastic disks and rings in various sizes. The edges of all dics and rings have teeth and thus engage with each other like gear wheels.
The discs have little wholes in which a point of a pen has to be placed. While moving the disc the pen draws spirals on the ground, similar to this one, only that the discs have no “crossbeam” and the spirals are drawn inside the circle:


Here is a clever young lady who invented a spirograph business card, cut from acrylic with a laser cutter.
Great idea! The person who receives the business card can tinker about with it and finally design and draw his own spirals. As with time the discs might get lost, we recommend to place the contact data on the frame, just like she did 😉

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Using shortcuts in Photoshop obviously is much easier and faster than clicking around. Watch this useful and at the same time extremely entertaining tutorial by Deke McClelland and listen to more than 100 tips and shortcuts that will make working with Photoshop even more fun.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “101 Photoshop Tips in 5 Minutes | dek…”, posted with vodpod business cards

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Apart from “American Psycho” business card scene this is surely one of the most famous videos about business cards… Enjoy!

“What do YOU guarantee?” – Well, we too guarantee business cards which won’t be thrown out “even f they don’t like you”. And you know what? They cost less than 4 USD a card and it doesn’t take 25 years to design them 😛

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Obviously this photographer was very much inspired by the question “how to nicely present a business card?“. What else could be the explanation for this photo he just sent us? Good for the lady that we also offer business cards with rounded corners 😉

nicely presented business card

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Nice little etiquette guide on how to present your business card in Japan. Enjoy!

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One thing that absolutely has to be added to our blog is Paul Allan’s business card. Hilarious, every time anew. Enjoy!

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