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Transparent flyer and bookmark β€˜ING’-Investment Management
Material flyer: PVC crystal clear transparent, 400 micron
Material bookmark: PVC frosted translucent, 300 micron (‘ruler’ format)
Print: UV offset single-sided, UV varnish for protection

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In the 60s the invention of the spirograph initiated a hype: kids all over the world were keen on drawing fancy curves and spirals by means of this toy.

The spirograph consists of a set of plastic disks and rings in various sizes. The edges of all dics and rings have teeth and thus engage with each other like gear wheels.
The discs have little wholes in which a point of a pen has to be placed. While moving the disc the pen draws spirals on the ground, similar to this one, only that the discs have no “crossbeam” and the spirals are drawn inside the circle:


Here is a clever young lady who invented a spirograph business card, cut from acrylic with a laser cutter.
Great idea! The person who receives the business card can tinker about with it and finally design and draw his own spirals. As with time the discs might get lost, we recommend to place the contact data on the frame, just like she did πŸ˜‰

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Transparent Flyer Goldevent2

Transparent Plastic Flyer ‘GOLD EVENT’
Material: PVC transparent ‘CRYSTAL’, 400 micron
Printing: UV offset, two-colored (white and brown), plus golden hot foil stamping

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Transparent Plastic Flyer Dorint

Transparent Flyer-Dorint2

Transparent Flyer-Dorint4

Transparent Plastic Flyer ‘Dorint’ – Gala Invitation New Year’s Eve
Design: Ralf Kauffmann, Brainartist
Material: PVC fully-transparent, 250 micron
Printing: UV offset printing double-sided (CMYK and gold), with 3 extra layers of white

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