Does not exist? We say yes!
Whoever makes business cards should first of all be aware of one thing: there are only a few moments left to decide whether or not you and your business card will stay in the mind of your counterpart or not. A good business card can therefore be of great importance. We Bce-online.com specialize in creating innovative business cards. Our goal: to find the perfect business card for you and your company.
The optimal distribution of the business card, the visible listing of the contact data and the concentration on the essential information are indispensable.
Unlike your Internet or Facebook page, etc., business cards are no longer correctable. We want to focus on new materials and high quality designs that are timeless.
Our graphic designers are happy to assist you in creating the layout. Remember the layout will be adjusted until you are 100% satisfied with it.
So what are you waiting for?

The corporate image and business cards is not only important for fashion companies or companies in the design sector, like many people, even today in Italy believe influence the economy. We talk a lot about “Made in Italy”, but the facts show that it is less about Italian fashion.

A unified message that is communicated inside and outside the company encourages a process of gradual recognition of the company and the activity, by the customer, with positive effects, and on the life of the company to the achievement of the objectives.


The corporate identity communicates to multiple recipients, the entrepreneur’s dream, the nature of the company, the unique characteristics that distinguish from competitors and the long-term goals.

With the corporate image, the logo, the colors, the forms, the writing, and the tools of visual communication, it is possible, in a simple, fast and consistent manner, to describe the concept of the company and the activity, to grow, to expand and to success.

Whenever the company communicates, the corporate image has to be coordinated and coherent.

Here are our top 10 tips for a successful company logo:


1. Name

You only have one chance to make a good first impression. In a market that is very competitive, the right name is the key to success. Make sure that it is effective and easy to understand. Do not forget the Internet: what keywords are used by customers to find you online?

2. The logo tells the story of your successful company

The logo is the first message of your company: tell your personal story of the company and the entrepreneurs. How did you get the idea? What has affected the launch of your service or product? Think about why you really stand out from others. What makes you different from the competition? What values ​​do you want to associate with your company?

3. Define your image

After you found the name, you have to start thinking about the style. There are endless possibilities: style, font, colors, symbols and much more. Find colors, images and ideas that together offer the idea or a theme. Rely on sites like bce-online.com logo for inspiration or other researches and ask for the opinion of your employees. Do not rush: an initial research is essential.

4. Independence, but still appurtenant

The logo should express the personality and values ​​of the company or the product and is the first interaction with the customer. Our advice is to check the competition: Distinguish from others, especially in a saturated market, but truth is to remain relevant and maintain relevance in you field.

5. Distinguish between lettering and logo

One of the first choices when you create a logo is to select the type. In this context you should distinguish between logo and lettering. The lettering consists of letters, while the logo is a symbol that expresses the essence of the company. Let’s take the example of Nike, the lettering Nike is written, while the distinctive symbol of Nike, the Swoosh, is the logo.

6. Design first in black and white and later in color!

Many designers recommend to design the logo in black and white first. This is a well-known practice, because every graphic project needs to work in black and white first, as well as business cards with printing options, such as hot foil and screen printing, and due the reliability of faxes, etc. This is not important today, but the black and white rule still applies. When you remove the color, you can concentrate on the structure and the white surfaces without any distractions. When you are done with it, you can focus on the colors, and determine certain feelings in your potential customers.

7. The font

What do you want to communicate with the font over your business? Each character has its own personality. Think about the global image of your company and the impression you want to give, then find a font that expresses it. The font serif, for example, is generally regarded as formal, while a sans serif, with rounded lines, seems rather playful.

8. Don’t get influenced by any trend, but do not be out of fashion either

Trends come and go and Internet only accelerates the succession of the same. Just think of the grunge style of the 90s, the Web 2.0 shadings, or the flat design of today: every graphic based on current trends has an expiration date within a few years. Try to concentrate on the classic rules that are going on in the course of time: the keyword here is simplicity.

9. Flexibility

A logo must first be versatile and can be identified on both: a large landing page and as a small symbol in a press release. Create multiple versions of your logo, in different sizes and formats, with light or dark backgrounds.

10. Inspiration

The taste is a personal matter, but the logos of successful brands can inspire and guide you in the right direction. Websites similar to the logo, for example, can provide interesting insights. Once you get enough inspiration, think about our tips and create the next successful logo!


Are you always on the hunt for a new and powerful marketing tool for your business? Or want an effective solution to improve your business? There is nothing better to elevate your business than an innovative business card. Forget the fact that business cards can be created with only standard paper. In this times you need to shine through the crowd. Theres no better way to do so, than to have a jaw-dropping transparent business card!

A transparent business card offers an excellent key to improve your business, cause these business cards ensure that your clients will remember you or want to know more about you. We provide high quality transparent visiting card printing services that offer:

•Eye-catching designs
•Stand out above competition
•Greater returns on your investment
•Build your brand effectively
•Help to convert leads into sales

Transparent business cards can be a designer’s dream with countless options for the special extra option. There are many who want their business cards to be more than normal rectangular pieces of paper; however, they can get overwhelmed while deciding the best printing service provider. Designing and printing a business card is very industry based with a lot of personal preferences involved. It is best to take advantage of ‘Bce-online’ professional design team who have the creativity to implement your vision.
Bce-online – Manufactures of Impressive Transparent, Plastic, Paper and noble metal Business Cards
Our extensive knowledge of printing techniques and customer needs have enabled us to create high quality business cards which does exactly what it ought to do and that is to catch and retain the viewer’s attention. Our business cards speak for themselves and empower the client to stand above the rest. We do not limit our business cards to a mere plastic rectangle with contact details; we lend something more to it. Some of our advantages are:

High Quality Printing Service
•Quick response time
•Availability of varied card materials and thicknesses
•Availability of expert design & printing staff
•Prompt customer service
•Exhaustive stock of accessories
Personalized printing on plasticcards

We have varied and innumerable design combinations with options of 4 color offset printing technology. Special effects provided by our team of experts using 4 color offset technology, hot foil printing and several other design options give an elegant, chic and a very professional look to your business cards . Our business card printing services offer customized solutions to satisfy the requirements of every customer.
Transparent business cards are a handy means of making a strong marketing statement. They generate a buzz about your business and make a long lasting impact on the client’s mind.
Always ensure that you shine through your first meeting and one of the easiest ways to do that is to go for ‘bce-online’ transparent business cards. When you think of effective plastic business cards think of ‘bce-online.com’.

Contest 2017

business-cardToday more than ever, your business card represents the image of your company. Often, in fact, this is the first impression that customers receive from your brand, person or company; It is determined whether your counterpart is reminding it or not, and whether this happens in a positive or negative way.
The business card on transparent PVC undoubtedly remains the business card for excellence and remain in the minds of those who come in touch with it.

Today, Bce-online offers you a unique opportunity: Win vouchers with a worth up to € 5,000. All you need to do is to design an innovative and modern layout of your business card on transparent material and share it with us. The winner is selected by our graphic designers and can win a prize of € 5,000 which can be used exclusively in printing products (of course, printed by us Bce-online). But also the second and third place don’t need to hide. Vouchers for printing products in the amount of € 3.000 for the second place and € 2,000 for the third place are waiting for you.

Remember to publish your projects with a hashtag #bceonline and make a share on our Facebook page.
The winner will be elected on 13 th February.

We are looking forward to your suggestions!


The member- or fidelity card is still a valuable tool to retain customers. I could name thousand companies, like supermarket chains, which have been using this marketing instrument for years.

For this reason, in the last five years, bce-online has been looking for new materials, printing processes and technologies to adapt this valuable tool to the new requirements of the market.

Among the new features in the Bce-online sample set you can find: personalized perfume cards, QR-Code 2017,individual shape cards, RFID cards, 3D effect cards and invisible ink.

individual-plasticcards businesscard-press-polish-white-pvc-foto card-3ddeep-effect-personalized card-3deffect-summer card-africa-glossy-fluorescent card-art-classic-pop-plastic card-butterfly-colors-fresh-gloss card-code-metallic-stamp-finger-new card-creditcard-silver-embossing-golfclub card-feather-embossed-glitter-special-highlight card-glossy-phosphorescent-light card-herbalist-membercard-sticker-barcode-plastic card-individual-shape-varnish-parfume-cocktail-fun card-lottery-scratchoff-lucky-win card-matt-glossy-varnish-glitter-gold-luck card-plastic-design-butterflies-gold-silver-embossed card-round-shape-glossy card-silver-gold-effect-glitter-gloss-style card-transparent-glitter-silver-square card-transparent-hotfoil-gold-breakfast ceramic-finishing-new-design circus-ticket-glossy-effect-varnish-highlight design-art-barcode-flower-relax-card eco-card-polypropylene-glossy-tree embossed-gloss-highlight-eiffeltower-art gold-silver-glitter-effect-card-style membership-signaturefield-qrcode-plastic paper-card-bio paper-laminate-card-scratchoff-modern-architecture pvc-thin-glossy-oneside-ice-fruit silver-effect-plastic-matt-music-guitar transparent-card-glassed-creditcard-embossed-text-optician-design transparent-plasticcard-glossy-birthday triple-keytags-individual-events-dinner

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