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Business card holder in real leather, PVC cards, desktop display for yourself and others. If you exceed in order, you will also keep an archive of your business cards home for friends and family. In Asia, the exchange of business cards is not only an automatic gesture, as it is in Europe, but also a true ritual, albeit with some regional variations. In the society where social status and decision-making role of a person are fundamental, the exchange of business cards becomes the first source of information to assess a person.


Therefore, it is no wonder that even the rules of the exchange are set in a very precise manner. The card must be delivered with two hands with a slight bow as a sign of respect. The person receiving it, rigorously with two hands, must dwell for a moment on the reading of the card before turning to the other party. At this point the conversation can begin. Ideally, following the advice of Chinese television programs of “bon ton”, the recipient repeats the tittle of the person in front of him in a not shrill voice – once again to show reverence and respect – followed by a classic “hen gao xing jian dao ni ” or “nice to meet you.”


If in China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand this ritual is somewhat similar, apart for the language part, the same cannot be said for Malaysia and Indonesia. Are we talking about cultural differences? No, we are talking about differences in religion. As for Muslims, the left hand is traditionally considered “unclean”, so it goes without saying that it would be extremely rude to extend a business card with two hands. Malays and Indonesians, while conforming to the rite of the Asian trade, only use their right hand. The left hand supports the elbow of the right arm. It is quite curious to note that the non-Muslim population (mostly Chinese) of these countries has adapted this ceremony to show respect for the culture of the interlocutor. And what about English? Those who moved to the east acquired the habits of the place out of respect, due to mere curiosity or conformity. Perhaps, this custom will put down roots in our country as well? 


The mascot of the Milan Expo 2015 preserves the basic themes of the event presenting them in a positive, original, and empathetic way. The mascot is sincere, wise, respectful and a lover of healthy good food.
It represents community, diversity and food understood in its broadest sense as the source of life and energy. That is why it consists of a family of 11 elements, each with different personalities and characteristics, which act as real characters. Gathered together in a Single Face they represent the ideal synergy between the countries of the world, which are invited to respond with energy and positivity to the challenges of our planet’s nutrition, posing as a real family: unique, fun and dynamic.


Christmas is approaching which means it’s time to design wonderful Christmas prints. These are just some of our favourites. Classic: Christmas and New Year greeting cards. Our foldable greeting cards are ideal to use as Christmas cards, as they offer plenty of space for wishes and greetings. Matt or gloss lamination gives them a classy impression. Another great idea for  Christmas greetings is using our folded cards on textured paper; available in white or cream. The nicest way to say thank you.                                                                                                                           Essential for your Christmas Party: Wall light.

applique christmas

Christmas wall lights attract more attention if the wall light has been printed festively. Add some stars,images of St Nicholas, a Christmas tree – this is going to be the highlight on your Christmas party.   The ideal present for the upcoming year : Calendars Whether picture calendars, span-a-year wall calendars, mini calendars or desk pads, you will surely find the right one for you in our wide range. Ready -to-print calendar layouts are available for free download. Our tip: Enclose some business card calendars with your Christmas mail.

Print with style: printing Your personal photo on white coated wood or brilliant Acrylic with your personal design. A snapshot of the last company event, pictures to laugh at or to day-dream about – with individual printing designs giving is even more fun.


Serve festively: with printed table sets. Table sets with cheerful designs bring a smile to every face – not only during the Christmas season. We are sure you’ll have a few more great ideas – or inspire yourself in our shop! The bce-online.com team wish you lots of fun creating your Christmas designs!

The ideal Gift idea for your employees or clients by end of the year! Reward your employees with a little attention and increase the working atmosphere. New in our range: Personalized decorative table calendar in cube shape with your logo! Personalized, fit perfect for any occasion!

The design creation of the calendar is very simple! Select the appropriate background for your calendar. Companies can insert eg wonderful photos of their products, their company building or their employees in the calendar. For both employees and customers, the highlight on the desk. Through the daily use of it, its a very original and effective promotional gift.
For the entire month of September we offer for the selected order quantity rulers for free. If you should only choose the calendar, you’ll get a discount in the amount of € 90.00.
More information on this and other products can be found here: TABLE CALENDAR 2014

So you want some business card design inspiration? Well here you have 30 creative and beautiful business card designs all on one page. Enjoy this 10mb load!

You can get 10% off printing through our partnership with bce-online.com



Frosted business cards are transparent equivalent to standard business cards. They have all the same information required of a business card. Company name, service provided, address, email, phone number, logo, tagline, selling points and special offers, but supplied to you on a much higher quality and oddly unique take on an old standardised model that has been around unchanged for decades.


What these cards offer that normal business cards do not is the play on images that can be achieved thanks to the transparent nature of the card. For example, you can have images fading in or out from nowhere if it fits with the appearance of your logo or what you provide. If you are a graphics company you can play with designs to make a multi layered card to blow your clients minds.


Another plus is these cards do not tear like paper/card versions. They are also more immune to moisture and dirt, providing them with staying power over there tree based brother. Which brings up a good point. If you are trying to be an environmentally friendly company and that is a big part of your image, plastic is definitely not the way to go for business cards. What you want to do is buy paper cards that you can prove comes from a printer that uses responsibly source paper from specially grown forests. Some recycled paper printers are actual more environmentally unsound than there counterparts.


The other plus arising from semi or part transparent cards it that opaque business cards can be read with ease. Black ink on white or light coloured background is ideal for printing legible type, but on a see through surface many lighting arrangements make the text on the card incomprehensible. So take care of your design if you decide to order frosted cards or contact us in case of questions.


With all of this in mind it is up to you to conclude what you will about frosted business cards. There flash value might be of benefit to those who need to impress customers with more than just practicality, but they also might bring others to the conclusion that you think image is more important than clarity.Image


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